We stand as one of the most reputed frozen food
company having powerful global brands with
presence across all major cities of
Saudi Arabia.
Our logistical capability, expertise and cutting-edge technologies
enable us to cover all trade channels including
Top End Modern Trade channels, Retail Mini-Markets,
Self Service, Trade Groceries, and all types of Food Service
"Our dynamic and highly-qualified team
believes in our core values and
operates with passion for excellence.

The Home Of Distribution Excellence

Welcome to one of the best-known and highly reputable food distributor for global brands in the Middle East. For over 60 years we’ve been serving our partners and clients with high quality distribution and logistical solutions. All delivered by a dynamic, highly- qualified and well-organized team who believes in our core values and operates with passion for excellence. 


Started as a grocer by Sheikh. Abdulaziz Asaad Shahini.


Start of importing Food Stuff


Mr. Saud Shahini Joined business


Start of Importing Frozen Products, specially chicken


Imports start from Brazillian company 'Perdigao', now known as BRF


AlBaik became client


Purchase of Shahini's first DC in Jeddah


Company legal structure change to Ltd


Dammam Branch opened


Shahini Group Holding formed, Crossed 1 Billion SAR Sales


Riyadh and Khamis Mushait opened


Direct Distribution started, SAP launched

About Us

Our business

Our business

Distribution of global food brands



Over 700



Madinah, Jeddah, Taif, Dammam, Riyadh, Khamis Mushayt, Qassim, Makkah, Tabuk, Jazan, Al Hassa, Al Jubail

Head office

Head office


Distribution fleet

Distribution fleet

Over 200



Direct Distribution, Trading, Logistics

Sales unit

Sales unit

Traditional Trade – Van Sales – Food Service

Information system

Information system


As a first class food distributor in the region, size and scale are crucial to our partners hence, we provide them with actual 40,000PP capacity, a fleet with over 200 vehicles and 700 dedicated professional employees. From distribution, customer service, logistics and management, we put our heart into every exchange.

Our Story

Historically, agriculture in the Arabian Peninsula was limited mostly to date-farming and small-scale vegetable production in widely scattered oases, except in a small coastal strip in the southwest. Small plots produced enough food for the local communities, and any extra was sold to passing caravans . Today, Saudi Arabia is the biggest importer of Chicken in the world. In 2014, nearly nine percent of World’s exported chicken is imported to Saudi Arabia.

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Historically, agriculture in the Arabian Peninsula was limited mostly to date-farming and small-scale vegetable production in widely scattered oases, except in a small coastal strip in the southwest. Small plots produced enough food for the local communities, and any extra was sold to passing caravans . Today, Saudi Arabia is the biggest importer of Chicken in the world. In 2014, nearly nine percent of World’s exported chicken is imported to Saudi Arabia.

One man. One vision.

Back in 1950, a young man from AlMadinah AlMonawarah had a vision. He wanted to move beyond the localized and small-scale farming production of the region to a more ambitious, sustainable and global infrastructure. He saw a future where food would be distributed far and wide, using transport networks, dynamic organization and logistical expertise. And so, he began. Starting out as a small grocer, AbdulAziz Assad Shahini, embarked upon a lifelong journey to becoming one of the biggest distributors of global food brands in the Middle East.

After the misfortune of watching his first small grocery burn to the ground, the young entrepreneur started again at Bab Al-Masri district in AlMadinah AlMonawarah, paving the way for the second and third generation of Shahini family.

Today, Shahini is one of the top distributor of frozen food, expanding at an ever-increasing rate and continuing to grow its established presence in Saudi Arabia. The business operates in more than 8 regions driven by an objective to deliver world-class services to selected partners and maximizing distribution. The next chapter will see both the food and non-food business expand into new markets, while maintaining the high levels of quality and service that it has become known and respected for.

Our vision



We endeavor to exemplify piety in our work



"To become a world class Distribution organization with the best systems, tools and processes in place, along with a qualified team, capable of delivering long-term objectives. To be recognized by our customers as a preferred supplier and by our partners as a role model for distribution best practice."



Legitimate and conscientious returns


1 Direct Distribution Sales 
2 Third Party Logistics (3PL)
3 Trading

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With world-class systems, a strategic approach and an outstanding sales force, The Shahini Group aspires to be the number one Frozen Foods Distribution Company in the region, with the capacity to distribute Dry Foods to the same standard.

The Group has the ability to cover all regions in KSA, and all primary and secondary cities through direct distribution coverage and pre-sell operations, with plans to expand to other GCC markets.

We use tools and processes adopted by top Blue Chip organizations and our fleet of over 200 Vehicles deliver to remote regions, building long term relationships.

Our logistical capability, expertise and cutting-edge technology enables us to cover all trade channels, including Top End Modern Trade channels, Retail Mini-Markets, Self Service, Trade Groceries, Restaurants and Buffet in Food Service channel.

The Group also offers route-to-market strategies, recommending best practice and the most effective and cost-efficient distribution systems. We work in consultation to make sure our solutions fit the targeted industry and our partners’ objectives within agreed timeframes.

We also work with our partners to determine target audiences, profiling customer and route-to-market strategies.

Working with thousands of remote food service outlets on a high frequency, we deliver on brand objectives, fulfill our customer’s needs and win customer loyalty by offering quality service.

  • We report to our partners on distribution progress, exchange feedback and strive to improve our service level
  • We recruit qualified and trustworthy people, training and developing them to deliver the highest quality at point of sale. Our motivated sales team visits thousands of outlets to win orders and complete the financial transaction
  • Wholesalers are concentrated, widely spread and important intermediaries in Saudi Arabia, with an established and respected reputation for selling to independent foodservice outlets over the years. Our wholesalers have been carefully selected to meet the needs of independent or smaller outlets leading to excellent, long-term relationships that go the distance.



Shahini operates a diverse network of temperature-controlled facilities across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, comprising of:

  • Two distribution centers in the cities of Riyadh & Jeddah
  • 5 remote warehouses in Dammam, Madinah, Makkah, Buraydah, Khamis Mushait
  • Total capacity of approximately 40,000 pallet positions
  • A fleet of over 200 temperature controlled vehicles
  • 400+ Logistics employees

From these facilities, we provide warehousing, distribution and transportation services for our own trading business and for our partners who need these valuable services in their supply-chain.
In the past couple of years, there has been a significant amount of investment in our logistics infrastructure including:

  • A new state-of-the-art temperature controlled facility
  • Expanding into new areas and cities
  • Renewing and increasing a fleet of temperature controlled vehicles
  • Adopting the latest technology: ERP, WMS, GPS tracking, handheld solutions etc.

The following temperature-controlled services that can be tailored to meet your business needs:

Warehousing Services:

  • Chilled and frozen warehousing
  • Container loading and unloading
  • Pallet and carton-based order preparation
  • Expiry/Production date, lot/batch tracking
  • Value added services: Packing, Labelling, Kitting, etc.

Transportation Services:

  • Local distribution: Retail, Wholesale, Food Service 
  • Route optimized multi-drop/pick-up 
  • Inter-City transport
  • Stock pick-up and transfer
  • Bulk/full load and pallet/partial load transport



Pure south

Why Shahini?

There are many good reasons to choose Shahini, namely:
1 Ethics, honesty, and trust are integral part of all operations
2 Over 60 years of proven success in trading and sales
3 Strong company with solid reputation and financial stability
4 Diversified environment that enriches our people and business
5 A consistently growing company with long term aggressive expansion plans
Join the family

Join the family

At Shahini, ethics, honesty and trust are at the top of our list, which means you will always be treated fairly and with respect. We’re an ambitious business with over 60 years of growth and we plan to keep expanding whilst building an environment in which all our people can evolve. This is a strong company with a solid reputation and financial stability that selects people to join the business based on merit alone.

Be part of a dynamic team and apply here.

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Contact us

Contact us

Branch Phone Fax Enquiries
Head office     For more information, get in touch with one of the team:
Madinah +966 12 6516666 +966 12 6531696 Procurement enquiries: procurement@shahini.com
Jeddah +966 14 8235512 +966 14 8260544 General enquiries: info@shahini.com
Dammam +966 12 6080173 +966 12 6080093 Logistic enquiries: logistics@shahini.com
Riyadh +966 13 8500995 - 8501648 +966 13 8502873 Sales enquiries: sales@shahini.com
Khamis Mushait +966 17 2229913 +966 17 2641477  


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