Our History


Deeply rooted in the fabric of the Saudi business market, Shahini Group has been a well-established and thriving organization since 1950. First imagined as a family business, and spearheaded by Shiekh Abdulaziz Shahini, it is now a fully institutionalized Group and one of the fastest growing private companies in the food and distribution sector. A privately-owned LLC with 100% shares in its two subsidiaries: Shahini Trade and Distribution, and Etmam Logistics (3PL). Today, the business is guided under the sound leadership of Mr. Omar Mohammed Al-Ghamdi.

Our mission is to exemplify piety in our work and our approach hinges on a shared sense of values, ethics and loyalty to our heritage, kingdom and customers. With a commitment to good business practice, and to our shareholders, we are driven by a relentless effort to grow and further the economy of our kingdom. This hardy determination makes for a high level of service from a dynamic team who believe in being the best they can be, for the greater good of all.

Our vision is to continue being a trusted name for a group of a private equity investors, to continue our contribution to the development of the Saudi economy in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and to continue delivering outstanding returns to stakeholders under the leadership of unique talent serving the community within an attractive work environment.

Mission, Vision and Values



We endeavor to exemplify piety in our work and across what we do.


A trusted name for a group of a private equity investor and a group of operation companies that contributes to the development of the Saudi economy and aims to deliver outstanding returns to its distinguished leadership serving the community and working in an attractive work environment.







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10th Floor, Tamlik Tower, Al-Baghdadiyah


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